27 Feb This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. Author: yogi vemana. talapulona galugu dā daivame. Vemana Satakam-Telugu, English – Vemana (Telugu: వేమన) was a great Telugu poet and philosopher. His poems were written in Telugu which is widely. Vemana (Telugu: వేమన) was a great Telugu poet and philosopher. His poems were written in Telugu which is widely spoken in southern Indian states.

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Aasa chota manuju laayuvu gala naallu thiruguchundru bhramanu drippa leka muriki kundamandu musaru neegala bhangi visva The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on Vemanw who lend money to very bad people and go round to collect back later are really stupid. If all the people born continue to live forever without death, entire world gets overcrowded.

Views Read Edit View history. Lord Vishnu comes to him as a midget, Vamana, asking for three paces of land in alms.

To know the depth of water, one should enter it. His poems are of many kinds, social, moral, satirical and mystic nature. Person with no financial liability is considered rich. Whose money is this rnglish be cared for.

Black apple looks very nice and attractive. We should rather slay the deadly beasts of ignorance roaming in the jungles of our mind[1].


vemana satakam

One may be an ascetic, a knower of the Vedas, have all the material comforts of a family, wealth and food, be a vemaha of the sastras, perform all the scriptural injunctions, become famous as a devotee of the Lord yet peace of mind may still elude him.

Vaana raakadayunu braanambu pokada kaana badaventha vwmana gaanabadinameeda gali yetlu nadachuraa visva A good donor gives without refusal with no hesitation or second thought to the needy.

But when it’s opened insects are seen. There is none greater than the mother who has given birth to you.

Vemana Satakam-Telugu, English Free Download

Various sources say he was born in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Good draws good and evil, evil. Vemana Satakam-Telugu, English version 1. It is believed widely that Vemana died in this village. He who knows, he knows. A mighty river like Ganges flows very steadily and a dirty water street drain flows with great noise.

In this world it is financial status that is most englksh. Difficulties and enjoyment are thus part of life’s cycle. Each Verse ‘s original full text is presented in English Script and for each verse English translation is provided. Inumu virigeneni inumaaru mummaaru kaalchi yathuka vacchu kramamu gaanu manasu virigeneni marikoorpa vacchunaa visva Just as flies who swarm inside a dirty vessel, people go on moving about as long as they are alive vemaha of greed.

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But once one is rigid he should not at any cost lose the grip, as otherwise it is better to die. It is possible somehow to break huge boulder or to destroy hill. Like the fruit of neglish black apple, which looks attractive outside but contains full of insects when opened, the courage shown externally by a timid person is just an outside show but not real.

This is due to locational advantage but not its real strength. The guru is known through peace alone. Water always knows where the land is lower.

Maatalaada nerchi manasu ranjilajesi paraga briyamu cheppi badalakunna nokari chethi sommulooraka vacchunaa visva While in the latter like poles repel, in the former like-minded attract one another.

When one is not able to control one’s birth or death, is it not foolish to think that in between, one feels himself responsible. Just as even one sandalwood tree in a forest results in a geat fragrance in the forest, even one person of noble behaviour brings good name to the entire clan.

One should not be rigid in insisting on any thing. His poems discuss satakak subjects of wisdom,morality and yoga.