This is a reprint of five sermons delivered by Leslie D. Weatherhead to his Weatherhead clearly explains the three wills of God that he calls God’s Intentional. 10 Feb February The Three Wills Of God. I read a book some time ago entitled “The Will of God” by Leslie Weatherhead. Will Of God Revised: Leslie D. Weatherhead: Books – Amazon. ca. Weatherhead explains the 3 Wills of God – the Initial or Intentional Will, the and his grouping of the Will of God into three different categories is laudable.

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Jan 05, Shelley Huber rated it it was amazing. One story slide fire truck involved a gas explosion on Wednesday, March 12 thflattening two apartment buildings in New York.

Overall, very useful in explaining the will of God to those who often are troubled about why bad things happen.

The Will of God (Part 1)

If it was God’s intended purpose for this man to die before he ever got on the operating table, were the doctors fighting against God’s will by trying to save his life? The examples and illustrations that Weatherhead uses are also becoming increasingly outdated and not very relatable to a more modern audience. Having read this book four times and used it in an Adult Sunday School class about three times I can recommend it to anyone who questions outcomes in life that seem to be outside the will of God.

Do weatherheda sense the confusion?

God’s ultimate will, in spite of our attempts to work mostly for our wills, is “the redemption of man. It is my daily reminder that although Satan can win battles, God will win the war. There happens to be a deck around an in-ground pool.


For example, I am assuming many of you heard these three stories that hit the news this past week. I believe this is really, really wrong. A life changing book!

My church pastor led a study on this book.

And a reckless driver, who is speeding and has been partying too much, collides into the car in front of him causing a chain reaction of multiple collisions.

God cannot be finally defeated. However, because of real life events, they ended up trading an operating room for a clinic. But, lease God, a willls years hence or descendants will turn back and become incredulous that we ever called ourselves by the name of Christ when his body was torn asunder in ur churches, trampled on in our streets, exploited in big business, left to disease when medical knowledge and skill were within reach the human family, and mutilated by bombs and burning steel we dropped on one another’s cities.

The Will of God by Leslie D. Weatherhead

Had heard of this long ago and only read it now after wilks recommendations. WW2 references to the Blitz are very difficult for today’s reader to connect I found Weatherhead’s presentation of ideas informative and enlightening but his “categories” were not all that helpful.

Please approve, because I want so badly to do it. Weather conditions are slippery. Intentional – by God’s direct intentions 2. I find this most helpful when Content consists of 5 sermons preached by Leslie Weatherhead in London during heavy German bombing in Very thought-provoking and helpful although one should be aware of the historical context in which it was written God needed another little angel. How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! We turn back a hundred years and wonder that Christian men could sign humans to Weatherheaad while slavery was rife.

He views God’s will as one of the following: The doctors do all they can and while in surgery, he dies. One of the most frequent questions I have and get asked is, how do you know the will of God?


The Will of God (Part 1)

One answer we may quickly come to is sin and the presence of evil and I would agree with that as part of the answer. A husband is in the hospital fighting for his life after a massive heart attack. Major theological questions go unexplored, in the interest of time no doubt, but are nonetheless used to support a point being made.

As an adult, can I scar a child emotionally from what I say and physically by what I do? Oct 24, Karen Hartley rated it it was amazing. Outside of that this is as I have said a wonderful quick, short, and provocative book.

He gets right to the point: This book helps to understand what most people question their entire lives. An excellent little book on a big subject.

Any Christian who has questions about what God “wills” for people. God would not allow cancer if of itself it had the power to defeat him.

I really loved this book, this could definitely be leslir life-changing book. Return to Book Page. Excellent exposition on an off misused phrase. Weatherhead’s writing is dated but his explanation of God’s will and his division of it into 3 categories is a great revelation. Remember that we cannot pretend to know His will. God ideally has good plans for us.