Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination (SMMSE). Molloy DW, Alemayehu E, Roberts R. Reliability of a standardized Mini-. Mental State Examination. Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination (SMMSE). I am going to ask you some questions and give you same problems to solve. Please try to answer as. The Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination was developed to provide clear unequivocal guidelines for administration and SMMSE takes less.

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There are many studies that point out to the fact that group B vitamins, vitamin D, folic acid, antioxidant vitamins, essential minerals and essential fatty acids play a key role in cognitive function [ 12 ]. SMMSE has been developed primarily to assess delirium and dementia with high sensitivity and specificity [ 4 ]. Correlation between folate levels and SMMSE total, orientation, registration and recall sub scores in females.

Screening instruments are required by clinicians to reliably diagnose MCI and differentiate between normal cognition, MCI, and dementia. A geriatrician made the diagnosis of MCI after a comprehensive geriatric assessment. In word registration, the rater says 5 words to the subject, and the subject is asked to repeat all 5 words at once.

Screening for mild cognitive impairment: comparing the SMMSE and the ABCS.

In the delayed recall task, each subject is asked to recall the 5 words learned in the word registration task in 10 seconds. Patients with vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body smmsd, psychotic findings, and severe depression were excluded from the study. Ammse the same time, we developed the test to have a low enough ceiling to follow people with dementia and to measure changes in cognition, even in the later and more severe stages.


The MMSE lacks sensitivity and has a low ceiling; that is, many people with subjective complaints of memory loss and MCI may still smmxe in the normal range on the MMSE, especially if they are well-educated and native English speakers. Normal mean score n. A prospective study of the clinical utility of ApoE genotype in the prediction of outcome in patients with memory impairment.

The Mini-Mental State Examination MMSE 9a widely used screening test for cognitive impairment, has been used primarily to screen patients with cognitive impairment to quantify cognitive deficits, identify dementia, and zmmse cognitive progression over time. Smmae Clin Psychiatry ; In several studies it has been shown that folate and Vitamin B12 levels are inversely correlated to the clinical condition in patients with Alzheimer’s disease-related dementia [ 6 – 11 ]. The combined scores also show that for both SMMSE and ABCS instruments, subjects with 12 to 17 years of education scored higher than those with 0 to 11 years of education.

Mean normal score n. Population-based norms for the Mini-Mental State Examination by age and educational level.

A significant correlation was found between low folate levels and cognitive status. In the word-fluency task, the subject is asked to name as many animals as possible in 1 minute.


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J Psychiatric Res ; Thus people who are well-educated, have normal cognition, complain of memory loss, or have diagnosed MCI will usually score above Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition ;3: Combined mean score n. The subject is given a blank paper and a pencil and is asked to draw a clock with all the numbers on it and to set the time to 10 past Three points are given for each hand correctly placed within the range lines, 2 points for a hand crossing the lines, and 1 point for a hand drawn outside the range.

Folate consumption has important implications on cognitive functions. MCI mean score n. Although it is sufficiently specific for dementia, the MMSE is less sensitive in distinguishing among normal cognition, MCI, and dementia. We did not include any control subject in the study who admitted to a memory problem.

CJP – January – Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment: Comparing the SMMSE and the ABCS

The subject is then asked to remember the words for the delayed recall task later in the test. Mean MCI score n.

Editorial Canadian Journal of Psychiatry: Diagnosing MCI is a challenge. Smse suggests that regulation of nutrition and specific vitamin intake may prevent brain damage and dementia [ 3 ].