ORAZIONI DEL PREZIOSISSIMO SANGUE di Santa Brigida: da recitarsi per 12 anni (Italian Edition) eBook: Santa Brigida di Svezia: : Kindle Store. So many privileges promised to Saint Bridget by the Crucified Christ during a vision, on the condition that she recite these fifteen prayers every day! The same . Buy Le preghiere di santa Brigida. Da recitarsi per 12 anni e le quindici orazioni da recitarsi per 1 anno by Ancilla (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book.

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Charity is the greatest form of absolution. Mother of Jesus, ” Protectress of the Faith ” protect my faith. Lucifer wanted more than he had. Maria Mother and Teacher.

My opponent enjoys any desecration that My Son receives. I remind you that all those body markings come from my adversary and are evil instruments that only seek to defile God’s creation and take you away from the path of salvation.

I deliver and consecrate to wanta, and to thy Immaculate Heart, as thy child and slave of love, my body and soul, my goods, both interior and exterior, and even the value of all my good actions, past, present and future; leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of me, and all that belongs to me, without exception, according to thy good pleasure, for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity.

A Consecrated Host by the Pope, by a Cardinal or by a Bishop, is sold at a high price and with these, they make a satanic special rite to cause damage to the Brkgida Body of my Son, represented in His Church. I want to be pure like you. Maria Explains the Apocalypse. My beloved ones, I ask you to stop this outrage to the Divinity of My Son that is being carried out by my lay children.

Ti supplichiamo, sii buono e misericordioso verso di noi!

Most compassionate Heart of Mary, Queen of Virgins, watch over my mind and heart and preserve me from the deluge of impurity which you lamented so sorrowfully at Fatima. He seduced the less attentive among his companions. No need to live with the big rock of your sins tormenting you all your life. The Meaning of Satan’s Name Lucifer wanted more than he had.


Don’t think that by invoking the souls of your departed loved ones it will be them who will come responding to your call. From now on we promise to lead a Christlike life: Pray for Italy, briida is purified without expecting it.

He roars, but does not Divine Heart of Jesus, preside over our family gatherings; bless all our family undertakings, both spiritual and temporal. Your Mother, Maria the Mystic Rose. Thousands of Consecrated Hosts are sold and depending on the Minister of the Church who consecrated Them, in order to determine their price.

I tell you that by doing this what you are opening are the doors of Hell. The 15 Prayers of St. Mankind is entering the Great Tribulation: Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. More Teachings and Messages.

Taking advantage of nightfall, he circles around your souls. Little children, no more Communion in the hand, no more lay to distribute the Communion, because this sacrilege is causing the loss of many souls! Pray this simple prayer frequently and with faith.

I say to you: Colombia will suffer until it is purified. My little children, when playing those apparently innocent games what you are really doing is opening your soul to my adversary so that he may possess you.

Suore Brigidine

The soul who prays the 12 Year Prayer will be made conscious of his death one month in advance and more And when the hour of separation comes, when death brings its sorrows into our family, whether we go or whether we stay, we humbly accept Your divine will. No more of extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, no more of Communions in the hand! Mother of Jesus, ” Protectress of the Faith ” protect my faith “Today, I ask clergy and religious to rely upon the Protectress of the Faith to safeguard the treasure of their vocations which are so greatly under attack.


Many children orazooni young adults are being trapped by my adversary by playing games where they request information and assistance form occult sources. I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary hrigida salvation, all who on the First Saturday of five consecutive months confess their sins, receive Holy Communion, recite five orrazioni of the Rosary, and keep me company for fifteen minutes Save Your Soul – Pray the Rosary daily!

Give yourself a new beginning before it is too late. Many Consecrated Hosts get lost to end up into satanic churches for the celebration of black masses. You will rule over our minds through our deep and living faith. The Body and Blood of my Son, are outraged by many lay people who give themselves tasks that belong only to priests and other consecrated Ministers such as: None will be left unaided.

The 12 year Prayers of St. I want to atone for the many crimes committed against Jesus and you. Not all of those living at the final hour will be holy, and not all of them, damned.

Questa Fondazione, ben radicata sull’antico ceppo brigidino, ebbe inizio l’8 settembre del e fu approvata dalla Santa Sede in modo definitivo il 2 dicembre Nel periodo della briida l’Ordine fondato da S. It is same as opening your soul’s doors so that my adversary and his demons can enter and possess you.

Le preghiere di 12 anni di Santa Brigida

Le preghiere di 12 anni di Santa Brigida May 22, Bridget of Sweden for One Year. May the memory of this consecration be with us always.

The Origin of Evil If Lucifer had been entirely love, he would have had no room in himself for anything that was not love.