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Most notably, the regulations provide a regime to avoid duplication of efforts, and also a method to ensure that a forum remains open for pursuing discrimination claims should the MSPB reject jurisdiction.

Including marital status and political affiliation in the list of EEOC-enforced discrimination prohibitions conflates mixed msph procedures with some other MSPB appeal procedures and may confuse stakeholders concerning the appropriate procedures to follow.

Instead of referencing 29 C. Part and its appendix.

Therefore, we suggest editing the heading to read as follows: It also would bring greater consistency to msph headings in this section. We hope this information is helpful to the MSPB as it assesses proposed changes to its appeal form. This letter is an informal discussion of the noted issue and does not constitute an official opinion of the Commission.


In a mixed case, a federal employee alleges that an agency personnel action appealable to the MSPB was based on unlawful discrimination otherwise subject to EEOC jurisdiction. We believe this disclosure appropriately alerts flrm alleging employment discrimination of the need to read Appendix A without increasing the complexity of the form. EEOC Office of Legal Counsel staff members wrote the following letter to respond to a request for public comment from a federal agency or department.

The Fodm enforces the federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the nspb of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, and genetic information.

To increase the likelihood that appellants provide the information requested by MSPB so that it might identify whether a mixed case complaint or mixed case appeal has been filed and apply the appropriate procedures, the EEOC suggests inserting the following, or similar, language to the end of the instructions in Part 2 page 3 of the revised form:.


EEOC Informal Discussion Letter

Return to Home Page. Fourth, the EEOC believes that the bullet would better inform the public by referencing the laws implicated in unlawful discrimination claims in its heading.

It further requires employees to submit, if applicable, a copy of the formal discrimination complaint and final decision, which would help MSPB determine kspb the employee elected a mixed case complaint or a mixed case appeal and whether it has jurisdiction. Should you have any questions or otherwise wish to discuss, please feel free to contact Assistant Legal Counsel Corbett Anderson ator Senior Attorney Advisor Raymond Peeler at To make this change, we first recommend editing the heading on this page to read as follows: The revised form, however, moves this information to Appendix A of the document, which the EEOC believes employees are less likely to read.