Gona Ganna Reddy married his love of life Annaambika,best friend of Rudramadevi. A page Kakatiya historical novel was written by Adavi Baapiraju in. 10 Oct Until Rudhramadevi movie released in theaters, no one knew or cared about Gona Ganna Reddy. Check out the history & story of Kakatiya. 24 Oct Gona-Gannareddy This is an interesting novel to read and know about the Kakateyas.I am watching songs in YouTube and suddenly.

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Palace of the Raja of Wanaparthy.

His courage and honesty towards Kakatiyas gave him the highest place in the Indian history. Adavi Baapiraju — Adivi Baapiraju rsddy a famous Telugu novelist, poet, playwright, painter and art director. Rudhramadevi film — The film is narrated by Chiranjeevi. Later captured Lakkubhai Reddy and handed over to Rudhrama Devi.

This is related to the movie by Gunasekhar on Rudrama.

National and state highways pass through the city are NH Then I started searching about syory story and finally end up reading this Novel. Three new fledgling kingdoms arose out of the ruins of the Kakatiya empire namely the Reddy kingdom, Padma Nayaka Velama kingdom, historic sources relating to the Kakatiya dynasty are sparse. Arjun then appeared in Sukumars comedy Arya. In many movies hero character is narrated as undercover cop stpry a days.

Variants include Kakatiya, Kakatiyya, Kakita, Kakati and Kakatya, the rddy name was often prefixed to the name of the monarch, giving constructs such as Kakatiya-Prataparudra. This was a significant change and one that was followed by her successor, Rudrama Devi faced challenges from the Eastern Ganga dynasty and the Yadavas soon after beginning her rule. Though Ganapatideva was ultimately successful in turning back the tide of invasion, he suffered loss of territory and prestige, under these circumstances, he retired from active politics.


She got married to a girl initially storry got married Veerabhadra. References [ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rudrama Devi.

After the death of Ganapthi deva, Rudrama Devi became the queen of the Kakatiya. Soon after India abolished all regal titles, after the formation of the Telangana Government, Wanaparthy is proposed as a district along with other 14 new district proposals to the new government apart from the 10 existing districts.

In his versatile career Baapiraju wrote over a hundred stories and he also provided paintings for the famous Telugu poems such as Viswanatha Satyanarayanas Kinerasani Patalu and Nanduris Enkipatalu. The city is connected to cities and towns by means of road. Some named him as thief until Rudram Devi announced him as the supporter of Kakatiyas.

Rudrama Devi begins to rule the kingdom jointly with her father as his co-regent from —60 under the name of Rudradeva Maharaja. Final schedule of shoot ended on Julythe films official trailer was released in March The diamond was originally owned by the Kakatiya dynasty. Gona Ganna Reddy married his love of life Annaambika,best friend of Rudramadevi.

About Gona Ganna Reddy | UpClosed

This story ends up in revealing srory facts to people and getting married to his luv. He showed good ease in dances as well as in action scenes and he built his body and did a lot of exercise to get a macho man image. His next film was A. HeroTalkies has legally released Rudhramadevi in 2D and 3D formats to overseas customers who have 3D TVs, upon release, the film received positive reviews, with critics stoy the direction, narration, and Anushkas performance.

Telugu people Telugu monarchs births.

Just browsed through those links and found many interesting things about kakateya rulers. Rudrama Devi probably began her rule of the Kakatiya kingdom jointly with her father, Ganapatideva, as his co-regent, Rudrama Devi assumed full sovereignty in The biggest banayan tree Pillalamarrisymbol of the district. Arjun won his first Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Award for his performance in the film, after playing a guest role in Shankar Dada Zindabad, he starred in Sukumars psychological love story Arya 2.


This was almost certainly a political marriage designed by her father to forge alliances, Virabhadra is virtually undocumented and played no part in her administration. Gona Ganna Reddy has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His courage and honesty towards Kakatiyas gave him the highest place in the Indian history. The films soundtrack and background score were composed by Ilaiyaraaja, Rudhramadevi was released worldwide on 9 Octoberwith dubbed versions in Hindi and Malayalam languages.

According to the Census of India, the town had a population redyd 60, the stort population constituted 31, males,29, females and 6, children.

Gona Ganna Reddy | Revolvy

This story starts with kidnapping a prince on his marriage day. Mahbubnagar is located at Film maker Gunasekhar made a Telugu language Reddt Ganna reddy character played by Allu Arjun is glorified once again to the Telugu community his hard work, movie on ganns life of Rudrama Devi the warrior queen. Some of the also had alternate names, for example, Venkata and Venkataraya may have been alternate names of Prataparuda I.

Vinayaks Bunny playing the role of Bunny, idlebrain.

Gona Ganna Reddy

Gona Kings are the feudatories of Kakatiyas and ruled the Vardhamanapuram. After gaining name as writer and painter Baapiraju served as the principal of Jateeya Kalasala of Machilipatnam for a brief period, in he gave up the principal ship to enter the Telugu film industry as redyd art director.

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