You can take the question 4-bird (dove, owl, peacock, eagle or D.O.P.E.) personality test online through this link. Here are the summary descriptions of each. version of the DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) Bird Personality test. http:// 21 Jul Alexander Knights, PhD Candidate. Personalities in Science: DOPE testing. What traits would you commonly associate with scientists?.

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The owl has a high logical intelligence, while being very passive with communication. Published August 20, September 5, I found it hard to answer questions like 12, in which more than one adjective could equally apply to me.

These bird groups represent different personalities. We generally understand this concept as true. Remember as you read the description that this is meant to be a tool used for guidance learning about strengths and opportunities, and helping you to work your best with other bird personalities.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email d.o.p.e.personallity will not be published. Eagles are natural achievers. Notify me of tesf comments via email. According to Richard N. How about those around you? Until you know what to look for, you might never see it.

Same thing happened to me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We can easily understand the personality traits most closely associated with these four birds. This site uses cookies. The 4 Bird Personality Test was created as a way for people to easily relate to the four personality categories. The owl is logical, mathematically minded, methodical and sometimes seen as a perfectionist. This means that if I were to take the test again, I might answer some questions differently and thus end up with a different personality type.


Want a quick way to get a better understanding of your personality? Owls are not big risk takers but love detail. People with the dove personality are people-orientated, loyal, friendly, accommodating, trustworthy, hardworking and a great team player. Knowing the personality style of those around you helps you to partner better with them because you can see how they have a different perspective, strategy, and preference than you do.

You do not need a psychologist to interpret the questions for you; you will only need to answer each question truthfully. In relating with Owls, be painstakingly detailed and well-organized as you would support their preoccupation with systematized workplace. Because they are glib talkers filled with enthusiasm, they work well in sales and tesr of ideas.

While they are at home with details, they shun risks; so be objective as you present your ideas with concrete facts not personal feelings or opinions. Are you already getting a pretty good feel for what bird type you are?

The owl can be slow to make decisions and inflexible if rules and logic says otherwise. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates. Would you rather keep living life, doing work, and handling your emotions with just assumptions? Communicating with Different Personalities. DOPE is not a psychological evaluation.

Representing personality styles with one of the four birds also helps you to picture a coworker, friend, family member, or romantic partner as a different bird personality style than your own. No, it is not a drug test. Productive Resources Defined By Tri. Every little shortcut it can take, it will take. This makes it easier to remember your own personality style as represented by a bird. The wise and analytical Owls are the perfectionist, methodical, determined, well-organized and systematic lot.


Email required Address never made public. As a matter of fact, the Jung Personality Type test available here on this site deals with 16 main personality types.

DOPE Bird 4 Personality Types Test Questions (Online Version)

In relating with the Eagle, be sure to argue with facts, not opinions; and, if possible, be supportive of his goals and objectives. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Do you like to know how other people tick, and how best to deal with them? Scientists are fundamentally methodical, rational and analytically-minded, but stopping there would do a great disservice to the many shades of personalities on show in our world.

They love to talk, and they prefer the fast chase and spontaneity. D.o.p.e.personailty showy and cheerful Peacocks embody happiness and optimism.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Every so often, they seek recognition in what they do.

Personalities in Science: DOPE testing

Leo over at Zenhabits is a genius at this stuff so check out this article: Eagles are dominant, stimulated by challenge, decisive and direct. Power of Positivity Our passion is to serve and tedt the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page. Subscribe to our newsletter. Decision-making can take a tedious and meticulous process, and they can be bullheaded and unbending if logic dictates so.

The d.o.p.d.personality are done in a fun yet introspective way.