BUDDIPOLE IN THE Read more about antenna, buddipole, vertical, coil, element and dipole. 31 Oct Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site. 28 Sep This is a great US$15 value! Only downside I can see so far is that after reading it you come out with a new wishlist of Buddipole accessories.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences of the Buddipole and your tips Russell. It has some really good information.

On the TRSB, for now, do you think some wraps through a mix fhe would be helpful? Check a Callsign on QRZ. Buddipooe in Bunessan, Isle of Mull, Scotland. On each occasion I have worked long distance DX including a contact on 40 metres into California which was approximately 15, kilometres away almost 10, miles!

The vertical configurations are the easiest for me to set up and definitely the easiest to tune; give them a try!

| NE1RD ~ Buddipole in the Field

I am a fairly cautious person by nature and have a tendency to procrastinate so I spent lots of time reading and watching videos before setting up my Buddipole for the first time. Buddipole set up on the beach at Shoalwater.

A — E Member Spotlight: Chris Drummond recommends clamps from DX Engineering. Obviously, the dipole formation seems to do better on lower bands with additional components. I am sorry to read of your frustrations with the Buddipole. I already have verticals that actually work. The only thing I would say is go ahead and get the longer whips…they make tuning the Buddipole so much easier in the horizontal dipole config.


Scott Anderson provides is staggering. An additional method that could be mentioned is the use of something like an aluminum tube chain link fence top rail as a mounting method. I could be out there hours trying to tune it. It is an antenna that can be used in a myriad of ways and this will often lead to confusion and frustration.

It is also mixed and matched with lther brand products fir experimentation.

Getting Started With Your Buddipole

The heights provided by the telescoping masts or shockcord mast are handy, however it is not feasible to think that users can routinely get it to a 25 foot height. Trust me when I say that an antenna analyzer is a must! What I need are good horizontal orientation Buddipole instructions. That one is chem. Everything is black and white. I bought the extra long whips to be able to work 40 meters better and better is what it does at that lower freq.

Scott’s book is aimed at maximizing their efficiency and your enjoyment while using them. I hope you find using your Buddipole as rewarding as I have done. Very nice article with good advice. Could buddilole tell me where you found this little gem? When I first started using my Buddipole I did not have an antenna analyser and I quickly regretted this. I love hiking and radio firld, but fail on the CW. I have only used my Buddipole as a Buddistick so far.


Buddipole in the Field, by B. Scott Andersen (NE1RD)

My only complaint is not being able to work 80 meters. New to Ham Radio? Do yourself a buddjpole and familiarise yourself with the settings to use your Thf as a vertical which you will find via the resources I listed earlier. Thanks for the previous comments! I use a Buddipole a lot but mainly build my own bases for Buddipole parts from Ham Universe and the Ham sites. Portable in bag, the tube and the long bag with tripod.

I know I did. But mainly use the base on chem.

Going to buy little at time when i can afford, This is going to be fun once i learn more as i go! All this has happened on the roof of my apartment building. If you want a nice title on your bookshelf, you will have to get a label maker and put your own label on it. It will help to get the resistance closer to 50 ohms. This is where the traditional ham creativity comes in. Buddipolr set up on Como Jetty, VK6.

The B-pole package was a treat to myself. Buddipole on the un at Shoalwater, VK6.