5 Aug Below is my review of Learning The Classic Guitar by Aaron Shearer, edited by Tom Poore book 3. Unlike books 1 and 2, this one includes a. western, classical, guitar, music, ebook by api Learn more As one of the most successful guitar pedagogues in history, Aaron Shearer was instrumental in the development of many of the celebrated classical guitar performers of the past three or four decades in the United States.

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For that reason alone, book 3 has significance in that Shearer is setting a standard to cover these topics along with technique in a guitar method and I hope that anyone considering writing a new method makes sure to address these ideas.

Classical Guitar Skip to content. There are many other books covering issues of performance anxiety, stage presence, etc. Part one focuses on technical development and explains the most efficient approach to study and practice.

It is our desire that the keys that led to this success be shared as widely as learnkng with those musically sbearer devotees who are attracted by the charms and subtleties of the classical guitar.

Unlike books 1 and 2, this one includes a CD. The assumption of how the reader will accent things is unjustified and the worst case scenario could see some readers feeling that something is wrong with themselves if they don’t automatically accent the way it was assumed they would. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: How do you rate yourself? It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence. Yes, but just for fun.

It is clear and specific and provides good guidelines for bowing, looking at the audience, and more. I would not trust any source that claims to be certain of everything. Overall, there is a sense of a unique teacher having developed his ideas over many years and then sharing them here.

Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. You May Also Like. Shearer uses non-standard terms like “rhythmic syllable” intended to mean an isolated note not part of a clear grouping figure without mentioning how he chose the term or that learnjng isn’t common.


Select your choice for guitar orchestra music: Many ideas in these books break new ground.

Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part One

The A aron S hearer F oundation ASF is a c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to continuing the legacy of Aaron Shearer and advancing the development of classic-guitar pedagogy throughout the world. Book 3 could be supplemented or replaced by other sources, but it is imperative that these topics be covered — no teacher or student should ever ignore these subjects. I am over the age of The useful thing about a book – especially one offering musical instruction – is that one can return to it regularly and, as one grows in experience, either understand more fully the reasoning behind the advice given or come to individual and different conclusions.

Part two should go along with part one and it presents the elements of music and procedures for developing ability to sight-read and memorize. It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence. Guitar Strings Guitar Strings Back. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to guitad visitors. Furthermore, Shearer’s unwillingness to differentiate between his own personal hypotheses and generally accepted universal ideas makes it problematic to trust his material.

Sheareg you are having trouble opening or downloading this file, please contact us.

Lodge in Springdale learninh June 26th first full day of activities begins on Tuesday, June He says this fairly dogmatically and I absolutely disagree; however he also says a lot of things on other topics with which I do agree. The intentionally inexpressive performance is trying to be as stiff and bland as possible, and the text emphasizes how advanced music played without expression is often judged to be worse than simple pieces played expressively.

A classical guitar book is not a personal memoir or a statement of personal philosophy, and most readers will assume that the author’s claims generally represent the accepted facts of the world of classical guitar, unless they specify when something is their own novel idea.

In viewing the entire Learning the Classic Guitar set, I would say that book 1 is useful for teachers and dedicated older students who classicao to review the basics of technique. But if I agree with everything that a dogmatically certain author says, I might accept the book about as readily as if I had some disagreements with a much less dogmatic text. Thank you for posting a question!


There’s no need for everyone to always say “I think” and “My opinion is” because that’s obvious by who is speaking.

Books Aaron Shearer Learning The Classic Guitar Part 1 & 2 by Mel Bay

I wish this were not distracting me so much from the content clwssical this book, but it is so much easier to tolerate an erroneous claim that is presented as an open question than when it is presented as absolute truth. Please specify your dietary needs. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad classiczl on our website. For example, on p18 under “Attraction by duration” it says “you tend to accent the longer note” in a context where it is completely feasible and not aaroh to instead accent the beginning note of each given group.

The lack of fingerings make it great for teachers but more iffy for those learning on their own. It also introduces the visualization concept. I couldn’t tolerate listening to more than a minute or two. Are you a teacher? We value your input. Your question will appear on the site once someone answers it.

Like you said, these subjects are best taught early on, so I shouldn’t have to have a doctorate in theory or a masters in performance in order to understand the book. Part three teaches the student to form clear and accurate concepts of music expression.

I’ll try to avoid that angle and simply say that performance is one meaningful criterion but not the only one. And, despite my complaints above, I really do support that idea of teaching interpretation and expression through grouping and phrasing.

US Customers International Customers. Shearer adhered to the following concepts: As described already, it has a very bold feel that does not ask questions. Subscribe To Our Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates.

Sheared, he sheared no objective support or further explanation. The lesson would have been shown so learnnig better if they had the same piece twice with different choices for groupings and recordings demonstrating the multiple valid interpretations.