24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Abstract. Sri Dattatreya, who Lord Krishna quotes in The Uddhava Gita, has been evoked as a guru for environmental education. Sri Dattatreya gained. 24 Guru of Dattatreya. 1) PRITHVI (mother earth). 9) AJGAR (python). 17) PINGALA (a courtesan). 2) VAYU (wind). 10) SINDU (ocean). 18) KURARAPAKSHI (a.

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Dwttatreya this one day he will blossom into a spiritually evolved person. The deer that taught me this truth is my eighteenth guru. Bee The twelfth guru was the bee.

Functions and special features of Shri Dattatreya. The sage too should if bestow health, peace and joy to every creature that resorts to him.

24 Guru of Dattatreya : Nature is the Great Teacher

On the other hand, the wise one, when he catches even a glimpse of the fire of wisdom, leaves everything aside, dattatrega in grus and burns down the illusion of being a limited self.

Little boys and girls know neither honor nor dishonor. Even though you have neither kith and kin nor even a family, how could you be so blissful and self-contented? Some simple organisms can live without air. Even so, man makes a net of his own ideas and gets entangled in it.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

In other words he should burn others sins to ash with his power irrespective of the giver. God has created the entire world. Stories you may want to read.


Water teaches the quality of purity. Add to Spiritual Diary. He pondered over the situation. While suffering the hardships and miseries in life, one should think, it is due to past sinful activities that one is being punished.

Further Lord Dattatreya said: Spiritual aspirants should live in the world of dualities with the same spirit. Hence no noise produced. And just as the air gives soothing feeling when it blows normally one should keep their mind cool unaffected by the external happenings so that their actions also will be soothing.

To please whatever body, the living being is always busy in desiring many things, does Karma deeds and collects wealth with great difficulties; the same body is destroyed after its time is completed.

Hunter employs music to lure the deer before hunting it. One by one she broke them so that the noise would not disturb her guests, until she had just two on her arm. Likewise the moods and changes in man are qualities of body and mind, not part of the atman. From this, I learned that a man who runs after worldly pleasures will soon come into clash with his fellow-beings who too run for the same, and has to face much strife and antagonism. Their happiness springs from their own selves, their innate creativity and they do not need any external objects or conditions to be happy.

They are enjoyed by other people. One day the couple went to bring food for their children. Serpent Snake, Saaamp The snake lives alone and avoids the company of other creatures. In order to do various activities proficiently in Maya, it is essential to imbibe various qualities specific to those activities. Although the elephant is so powerful, man tries to capture it by digging a pit in the ground, covering it with grass and placing a wooden cow elephant covered with elephant skin on that pit.


Neither I love anything, nor am I proud of anything. Elephant Haathi The male elephant out of immense lust falls into a pit covered over with grass by the scent of its mate, a paper and wooden made female elephant. This noble truth has the little ant taught me and became my eleventh guru.

Not only is this true concerning material possessions but also of the Fried. Thus the python was my seventh dattatrega of wisdom. The child is free from worldly desires. They are a measure of one’s own self-rejection. Consequently the worm meditates on the wasp and finally also becomes a wasp.

This is the lesson I learnt from the ocean. Bird Of Prey Once a small dsttatreya was carrying its food to its nest.

Sad at gurud to disappoint his father, nevertheless Yadu knew that he had to refuse. It weaves its web from the thread in the form of a fluid.